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Wide Dispersion Speakers






TOA H-3 Wall Mount Speaker
has a wide 140 degree horizontal coverage pattern and 
its Minimum Reflection design significantly reduces sound wave reflections and the resulting sound coloration that occurs with 
conventional bracket-mounted “box” type speakers.

TOA F-121C Ceiling Mount Speaker 
is significantly better than Conventional Speakers in its ability to disperse the High Frequencies throughout the Classroom and provide an extremely Wide Quality Sound Coverage. The F121C Speaker is your best choice for large classrooms with its Dedicated Equalization Module, which delivers Superb Sound Quality that has become the standard for University Classrooms.
Dispersion Pattern
Wide Dispersion Speakers versus Normal Speakers, in a 65' x 65' Room.
Uniform - Dispersion & Coverage
The picture above shows how well the TOA F-121C Speaker uniformly disperses the High Frequency Sound as compared to Standard Ceiling Speakers.

Also, this picture shows four speakers being used in a 65' x 65' Room 
however, only One F-121C Speaker is required in a 32' x 32' Classroom.

The wide dispersion characteristics of the TOA F-121C Speaker provide a Uniform Sound Level, throughout the Classroom, for all the Students.

Flashlight & Light Bulb Dispersion Analogy

Dispersion Characteristics
bulletStandard Speakers - Direct Sound Projection 
- Speaker Cone Sound projected directly into the Classroom. 
bulletWide Dispersion Speakers - Indirect Sound Projection 
- Speaker Cone Sound projected via a Sound Diffuser 
into the Classroom. 
bulletF-121C Speaker - Diffuser
bulletBall Type of Diffuser Built-In Speaker Grill
bulletDiffuses Both, the Bass and the Treble.
bulletH-3 Speaker - Diffuser
bulletTreble is projected upward into a Plastic Diffuser.
bulletDiffuses the Treble Only.
Wide Dispersion Speakers - 
Minimize the Potential for Feedback
Wide Dispersion Speakers disperse the high frequencies throughout the classroom and deliver a more uniform audio level throughout the classroom thereby minimizing the potential for feedback as the teacher walks under the Ceiling Speaker or in front of Wall Mount Speaker. Standard Speakers have a high frequency hot spot, directly in front of them, and are more prone to cause feedback.

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