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TV / VCR - Input







To connect a TV or a VCR  to the A-903MK2 Amplifier
a U-13R Module is required in the selected input position.


U-13R Module

This input is Muted
if the School PA System is connected
to the Amplifier and someone is speaking on the School PA System.


Connect the Line Level Outputs from the TV or the VCR
to the U-13R Module RCA Input Jacks.

Integration - Benefits

bulletBy connecting your TV / VCR Audio Output to
the Classroom Amplification System - TV / VCR Input 
you can significantly improve the quality of the TV / VCR Audio Output
for all of the Students in the Classroom.
bulletClassroom Amplification Systems deliver
Superior Audio Quality as compared to TV Speakers.
bulletTV Speakers are:
bulletNot - Designed to deliver a Uniform Signal to Noise Ratio
for all the Students in a Classroom.
bulletNot - Wide Dispersion Speakers.
bulletNot - Driven via a Custom Speaker Equalizer.
bulletThe TV / VCR Input Automatically Mutes your TV / VCR Output 
when someone is speaking on the School PA System.
bulletThe TV / VCR Input allows for the TV / VCR Audio to be heard 
by a Hearing Impaired Student, using a Personal FM System.
bulletUse this input to realize Superb Audio Quality for:
bulletTV Broadcasts
bulletVCR Playback

Note: For School TV Public Address Applications use 
            the School PA System Input because it Mutes all of the other Inputs 
            when someone is speaking on the Public Address System.


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