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System Components






Headset Mic UHF Wireless Transmitter UHF Wireless


Belt & Pouch System Components Amplifiers
Batteries & Charger Wall Mount
H-3 Speaker
Ceiling Mount
F-121C Speaker

The above picture shows the system components that make up
a Classroom Amplification System.
bulletIf you have Ceiling Tiles in your Classroom the F-121C Speaker is probably the best for your application.
bulletHowever if you have a Solid Classroom Ceiling the H-3 Speaker is the best for your application.
bulletBut you could use either the F-121C or the H-3 Speaker in your classroom if you have Ceiling Tile.
bulletThe H-3 Speaker sound emanates from the 
same direction as the teacher's voice.
(Better Clarity)
bulletHowever the F-121C Speaker is further back and provides a more uniform signal to noise ratio for the students.
(Better Signal to Noise Ratio)
bulletYou have to flip the coin in this situation.


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