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Wide Dispersion Speakers
- the best choice of speakers for Classroom Amplification Systems.

Speaker Systems

TOA designs and manufactures speaker systems and components for a wide variety of critical sound reinforcement applications. These include low frequency enclosures, woofers and subwoofers, uniform directive horns, high frequency compression drivers, processed speaker systems, stage speakers and monitors, foreground music speakers, paging horns, megaphones and ceiling speakers. Several of these models are also available in weather-resistant versions. Acoustical performance has always been the primary objective in TOA's development of speaker components and systems. Sturdy construction, reliability, ease-of-use, and attractive appearance are also important features of all TOA's acoustical products.

Speaker Components

TOA's speaker components are the building blocks for superb speaker systems. The enclosures are rugged and durable yet lightweight for ease of handling in moving as well as installing. The woofers and subwoofers combine rigid, cast aluminum frames and powerful magnets with precisely aligned motor structures. High frequency compression drivers display smooth response over a wide range and are designed to dissipate heat evenly under extreme conditions. The horns are acoustically neutral with no resonances, yet are lightweight for ease of installation. The crossover networks feature optimized selections of slopes and frequencies for in-phase summation and natural reproduction. 

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