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Scout UHF Wireless System






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TOA SCOUT SERIES WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEMS combine cutting edge wireless technology with user benefits such as fast setup, simple operation, and reliable performance. The systems are frequency-agile with sixteen user-selectable channels in the uncrowded UHF band (692 - 722 MHz) with simultaneous operation of up to sixteen systems.

The WT-4810 True Diversity Receiver has two built-in antennas and two squelch types, noise and carrier, to ensure quiet, interference-free operation. A convenient Mix-In jack allows the connection of the audio output of a second WT-4810 or other source. Handheld transmitters include the WM-4210 Dynamic for vocals and the WM-4220 Condensor for speech. Bodypack transmitters include the WM-4310 Lapel, WM-4310A Aerobics/Fitness Headset and the WM-4310H Speech Headset. All transmitters offer ten hours of operation from one nine volt battery with low battery indication. The bodypack transmitters also have a recessed on/off switch to prevent accidental shut-off and a rotatable bodypack clip for versatile mounting.

Scout Series wireless systems are FCC and UL listed and are backed by a five year warranty.

bulletProfessional Portable Wireless Microphone Systems 
bulletFrequency-Agile Sixteen Channels
bulletUHF Band (692 - 722 MHz)
bulletUp to Sixteen Simultaneous Systems
bulletTrue Diversity Reception
bulletHandheld, Lapel and Headset Microphone Systems
bulletTen Hours Continuous Transmitter Operation from 
One Nine Volt Battery
bulletFCC & UL Listed
bulletFive Year Warranty

{Note: The classroom amplification system items below are the same as the Scout Series items below however specific information has been added to their use in a classroom setting.}

bullet Headset Microphones
bullet UHF Wireless Bodypack Transmitter
bullet UHF Wireless Receiver

SCOUT SERIES - UHF Wireless Products
bullet Lapel Microphones & Bodypack
bullet WM-4310 Lapel Microphone with Bodypack
bullet Headset Microphones & Bodypack
bullet WM-4310H Headset Microphone with Bodypack for Speech
bullet WT-4310A Headset Microphone with Bodypack for Aerobics/Fitness
bullet Handset Microphones
bullet WM-4210 Vocal Handheld Microphone
bullet WM-4220 Speech Handheld Microphone
bullet UHF Wireless Receiver
bullet WT-4810 True Diversity Receiver

Download the spec sheet (Scout_UHF.pdf 483KB)

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