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School PA System - Input






To connect the School PA System to the A-903MK2 Amplifier
a B-41S Module is required in the selected input position.

B-41S Module

This input Mutes all of the other 
Audio Inputs (that are mute able)
if someone is speaking on 
the School PA System.

Connect a Line Output Level or an Attenuated Speaker Output Level  
from the School PA System to the B-41S Module.

Note: Do Not Connect the School PA System Speaker directly to this input.

This input has an isolation transformer to minimize ground loop problems.

Integration - Benefits

bulletThe most significant benefit that you get for connecting the existing
School PA System to the School PA System B-41S Input Module
is a significant improvement in Audio Clarity & Intelligibility because of the Classroom Amplification System - Wide Dispersion Speaker.
bulletSchool PA Systems today use a Conventional Speaker 
which disperses sound like a Flashlight.
bullet The Alphanet - Classroom Amplification Systems uses a
Wide Dispersion Speaker which disperses sound like a Light Bulb.
bulletThis Input Automatically Mutes all of the other Inputs 
when someone is speaking on the School PA System.
bulletThis input makes it possible for a Hearing Impaired Student, 
using a Personal FM System, to hear the School PA System.
bulletAnd you don't need multiple Speakers in each Classroom.

Note: Having trouble hearing announcements on your School PA System,
            then make this connection. You will be glad that you did.


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