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Dedicated Equalizer






Two Sound Facts


Speaker Cones are not able to reproduce all of the frequency components exactly with the same relative intensity as they where produced by a person's voice.


Speaker Cones disperse the lower frequencies in a person's voice much better than they disperse the higher frequencies.

4" Ceiling Speakers
Without Equalization

F-121C Ceiling Speakers
With Equalization

Optimal Frequency Response with Dedicated Equalizer


The E-02R Equalizer Module, which is customized for the F-121C Speaker, ensures on optimal frequency response for reproducing all of the frequency components in a Teacher's Voice.



Listen to the F-121C Speaker with the E-02R Module and you will be sold on: the sound quality and the sound clarity / intelligibility.


Listen to it and you will say: "That's Me, Yes, That's Me."

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