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Personal FM Connection






The Classroom Amplification System delivers Superb Audio Quality for all the Students in the Classroom via the Amplifier and the Wide Dispersion Speaker and it can also drive a Personal FM System for a Student that requires a much higher audio level than all of the other students in the class.

Personal FM System - Connection

Here are the steps to have the ACM System or the AWM System, 
UHF Receiver,
drive both the Amplifier and the Personal FM System.

Unplug the 1/4 " Plug (that goes to the Amplifier)
from the UHF Receiver (pictured below).



Plug a Y-Adapter into the UHF Receiver
  RS Part # 274-892


Plug the 1/4" Plug from the Amplifier into the Y-Adapter
Now you have restored the Audio Feed from the UHF Receiver to the Amplifier.
Also now you have a second Audio Feed for the Personal FM System.


Plug the following 1/4" Cable Plug into the Y-Adapter
  RS Part # 42-2433
The 1/8" Mono Plug connects to the Personal FM System.


Plug the 1/8" Mono Plug (from the cable above) 
into the Personal FM Auxiliary Input
  Personal FM System - Transmitter
Note: Do Not Use the Microphone with this Transmitter 
          Use the UHF Wireless Headset Microphone and 
          all the Students will hear you. 

Wireless Headphone - Connection

A Wireless Headphone can also be connected to the AWM System or the ACM System to provide excellent sound reproduction for students that require a higher audio level than the majority of the students.
bulletInstead of using the Cable with the 1/4" Plug (pictured above)
please use the following Adapter:

   RS Part # 274-348
3.5mm (1/8") stereo jack to 6.35mm (1/4") mono phone plug.
bulletThe Adapter (pictured above) receives the Mono Signal from the 
UHF Receiver, converts it to a Stereo Signal, to drive the Right & Left Sides of the Headphone. 
bulletThe Wireless Headphone Cable plugs into the Adapter.
bulletThe above Wireless Headphone can be purchased from 
Alphanet Systems Inc. 


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