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Classroom Audio Source - Integration






The Enhanced F-121C System makes it possible for you to Integrate and Consolidate all of your Classroom Audio Sources into one Superb - Classroom Amplification System for the benefit of All the Students as well as providing an Integrated Audio Output to drive a Personal FM System for
the Hearing Impaired Student.

Classroom Audio Sources    A-903MK2
Amplifier Inputs


Teacher's Wireless Input

Personal Computer Input


TV / VCR Input

Camcorder Input


CD / Tape Player Input

School PA System

School PA Input

Student's PTT Mic Input

F-121C / H-3 Equalizer Module


Input # 8

Integrated Audio Output
a Personal FM System

Auxiliary Output

bulletAll of the Above Inputs are Integrated 
into this One Auxiliary Output.
bulletThis One Integrated Audio Output
is Very Important because it enables 
the Hearing Impaired Student
to hear all of the Above Inputs via
a Personal FM System that is driven
by this Auxiliary Output.

RCA Output Jack


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