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Headset Microphone






bulletComfortable and Lightweight Hands-free Operation
bulletElectret Condensor Mic Element
bulletUnidirectional, Cardioid Pattern
bulletFlexible Positioning
bulletDetachable Foam Windscreen
bulletScrew-on Locking Connector


bulletHeadset Microphones deliver Better Audio Quality than
Lapel Microphones because they are located closer to your mouth.
bulletHeadset Microphones Pick Up Less Background Noise than 
Lapel Microphones because they are Unidirectional and
require Less Amplification (due to being closer to your mouth).
bulletHeadset Microphones are Less Likely to Feedback
because they are Unidirectional and require Less Amplification.
bulletHeadset Microphones Allow for Higher Volume Settings 
before Feedback.
bulletHeadset Microphones 
Deliver a more Trouble Free Mode of Operation

Tips on Using

bulletThe proper speaking distance is 3 - 5 cm from your mouth 
to the microphone, for the best sound reproduction.
bulletWhen the microphone is too close to your mouth or you speak too loud, the speech clarity will be impaired.
bulletRemember to turn your Microphone "Off" when:
bulletyou speak to a student privately.
bulletyou leave the Classroom
bulletto speak to someone.
bulletto go to the washroom.

  Download the Operating Instructions Manual (WM-4310(AH).pdf 226KB)


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