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Flush Mount - Experiment






bulletListen to a Flush Mounting Speaker. 
bulletThen move it away from the Wall (to simulate a Box Type of Speaker) and Listen to the Sound Quality Deteriorate.


As the Speaker is moved away from the Wall
the Reflections from the Wall Increase
and cause the deterioration in the sound quality.


Convince yourself that a Flush Mounting Speaker is the Best.


This holds true whether the Speaker is::

a Wall Mounting Speaker


or a Ceiling Mounting Speaker

Frequency Response

Speaker Type



The above two graphs show a significant frequency response degradation in the lower mid-range when mounting a speaker 8" from a surface (typical with bracket-mounted speakers). Surface reflections combine out-of-phase with the direct sound and cause cancellations.

The "Minimum Reflection" Advantage

The H-3 "Wall Mount" Speaker and the F-121C "Ceiling Mount" Speaker
minimize the out-of-phase reflections by eliminating the distance between
the enclosure and the mounting surface.
Minimum Reflection
Design Speakers
Wall Mount
H-3 Speaker
Ceiling Mount
F-121C Speaker

Flush Mount - History


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