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Feedback Minimization - Objective






Remember: "
You are In Front of the Speaker all Day Long" and Feedback can be extremely annoying. You don't want to hear a Squeal from the Speaker or sounds like the Speaker is going to start Squealing because it will degrade the sound quality for your Students.

Below are three factors that will help you to minimize feedback:

Wide Dispersion Speakers - Minimize Feedback
bulletConventional Speakers disperse Sound like Flash Lights whereas
Wide Dispersion Speakers disperse Sound like Light Bulbs.
bulletConventional Speakers have a Hot Spot
directly Under (Ceiling Mount Speakers) or
In Front
of them (Wall Mount Speakers) which causes the Feedback.
(It is the High Concentration of High Frequency Components
in this area that causes this Feedback.)

Unidirectional Headset Microphones - Minimize Feedback
bulletUnidirectional Headset Microphones pick up only the sound coming from your mouth only and hence minimize Feedback.
bulletOmni directional Headset Microphones pick up sound from every direction and hence are very prone to picking up sound coming from the speaker and generating Feedback.

High Volume Levels & Feedback
bulletThe Higher the Volume Level the greater is the probability
to get Feedback.
bulletUnidirectional Headsets Microphones let you turn up the Volume Higher before Feedback than Lapel Microphones.
bulletAlso Wide Dispersion Speakers let you turn up the Volume Higher before Feedback than Conventional Speakers.


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