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F-121C Ceiling Speaker






F-121C Uniform Directivity Wide Dispersion Ceiling Speaker

The F-121C Speaker provides high sound quality in Classroom Applications. It is designed to provide a much wider dispersion angle than standard ceiling speakers. A unique acoustic construction, employing a diffuser, provides extremely wide area coverage and wide directivity, resulting in uniform sound pressure in any location in the Classroom.



Wide Coverage Area
Please see the attached Application Note: F-121C Application Note.

Standard Ceiling Speakers disperse sound like Flash Lights.


Wide Dispersion Speakers disperse sound like Light Bulbs.


Wide Dispersion Speaker minimizes Hot Spots


Point Source Sound
The F-121C Speaker with its wide dispersion pattern makes it possible to use only one F-121C Speaker in the Classroom (to have a Single Point Sound Source) which is the best for listening to Speech, from a Clarity and Intelligibility Perspective.


Flush - Ceiling Mount Speaker - Minimum Reflection Design
The F-121C is a Flush - Ceiling Mount Speaker which significantly reduces sound wave reflections and the resulting sound coloration that occurs with speakers that are suspended from the ceiling and do not mount flush with the surface of the ceiling.


Flush Mount Experiment
Do this experiment with a Flush Ceiling Mount Speaker and prove to yourself that it is just as valid for a Ceiling Speaker as it is for a Wall Mounting Speaker. 

bulletHigh Power Handling:
120 W (Continuous Program)
bulletOptional System Equalizer
An optional E-02R 900 Series Processor Module is also available for convenient system equalization using the industry-standard TOA 900 Series Mixer/Amplifiers. 
bulletUL-Listed Fire-Resistant Material

Five Year Warranty

bulletConcealed speaker diffuser designed to expand high frequency dispersion.
bulletNon-conducting front panel to prevent dust or discoloration from static electricity buildup.

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