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Type of Amplifier to Use






There are three different amplifiers that are used with the different systems.
bulletThe A-903MK2 Amp is ideal for music room applications 
to accommodate multiple inputs into the amplifier.
bulletThe BG-115 Amp is used with the H-3 Speaker.
bulletThe A-901A Amp is used with the F-121C Speaker because the E-02R Module (the customized F-121C Speaker Equalization Module)
plugs into the A-901A and not the BG-115 Amp.

BG-115 Amplifier (15W)
Used with the H-3 Speaker or the F-121C Speaker.
Equalization via Bass & Treble Controls.

A-901A Amplifier (10W)
The E-02R Equalization Module Provides
Optimum Operation for the TOA F-121C Speaker.

A-903MK2 Amplifier (30W)
Used with the H-3 Speaker or 
the F-121C Speaker with 
the E-02R Equalization Module.

bulletNote: These amps have a five year warranty.
bulletThey are very reliable commercial amplifiers.

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