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ACM System






Headset Mic UHF Wireless Transmitter UHF Wireless

ACM System

Belt & Pouch System Components A-901A Amplifier
"Ceiling Mount"
Batteries & Charger Ceiling Mount
F-121C Speaker

ACM System - Highlights

bulletThis is an excellent system to use if you have removable Ceiling Tiles in your Classroom or if it is possible to mount the F-121C Speaker in the Ceiling.
bulletUse the H-3 System if it is not possible to mount the F-121C Speaker in the Ceiling.
bulletThe F-121C Speaker is a Wide Dispersion Speaker.
(Therefore Only One Speaker is required in each Regular Classroom.)
bulletThe F-121C System ensures that each child in the classroom experiences the same high signal to noise ratio regardless of their seating position.
bulletThe F-121C Speaker is a Point Source Sound Speaker.
bulletThe F-121C Speaker is a Flush Mounting Speaker.
bulletThe above two characteristics significantly improve the Clarity and Intelligibility of the Classroom Audio. 
bulletThe A-901A Amplifier is equipped with a special F-121C Equalization Module which Significantly Enhances the Audio Quality from the Speaker.

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