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1-2-4 Speaker - Clarity Comparison






Why does the sound emanating from 
"Wide Dispersion" Ceiling Speaker
sound Clearer and Crisper than from
or Four "Conventional" Wall Mount Speakers?
bulletThe amplified sound comes to you from only one direction 
as opposed to coming to you from two or four directions.
bulletOne Speaker generates No "Direct Sound" Interference Patterns.
(Two or more Speakers generate complex 
sound interference patterns.)
bulletOne "Flush Mounting" Ceiling Speaker generates 
No Mounting Surface Sound Reflections.
(Two and Four Speaker Systems are not "Flush Mounting"
and the Mounting Surface Sound Reflections degrade 
the Frequency Response of these speakers.)
bulletOne Speaker generates half the amount of echo than a two speaker system does and one quarter the amount of echo than a four speaker system does.
bulletThe One "Wide Dispersion" Speaker is driven by 
a Custom Equalizer / Sound Processor Module.
(Two and Four Speaker Systems do not have
a Customized Equalizer / Sound Processor Module.)
bulletOne "Wide Dispersion" Speaker sounds Clearer and Crisper 
because it is less prone to feedback than a two or four "Conventional" speaker system is. 
(when the system wants to start feeding back 
the audio quality is impaired.)
bulletThe Laws of Physics dictate that
a Single Amplified Sound Source delivers
the Clearest and Crispest Audio Signal Possible.

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